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Marathon Associates, Inc.
50 Franklin Street - Suite 400
Boston, MA 02110 - USA
Phone: (617) 451-2292 Fax: (617) 451-2293

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Look to Marathon Associates for the answers you are looking for when it comes to overall problem solving relating to the maintenance and operation of Textile Printing machinery. With our wealth of information, and hands on familiarity with the textile printing industry, we can provide:

  • Technical Information and Assistance:
    • Products
    • Product Specifications
    • Availability of Specific Products
    • Related Services
  • Problem Solving Techniques:
    • Printing Operations
    • Finishing Operations
  • Technical Service:
    • Textile Print Blankets
    • Dryer Belts
  • Market Data
    • North American Market:
      • Market Size
      • Facility Locations
      • Equipment
      • Specifications
      • Available Resale Equipment
    • South American Market
      ​Extensive and Exclusive Market Information for:
      • ​​Argentina
      • Brazil
      • Chile
      • Venezuela

Marathon Associates -
Your Consultant to the Textile Printing Industry